Friday, November 24, 2017

From The Caturday Files


I Will Be Using The Term LEVIDROMES From Now On

Retired Olympic triathlon champion Simon Whitfield of Victoria is also a fan of levidrome and is appealing to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to get in on the levidrome action, tweeting: "Loop is pool, pool is loop backwards, that's a levidrome."

On Thursday, Shatner sent another tweet containing 18 levidromes: "I am now happy to deliver and debut a recap on the dream of a smart boy who took at stab at what he saw in words," he began, urging followers not to "stop so Levi will nab his just desserts and reward."


Finally Someone Is Working WITH Me

I would play with this all day long. Could it be real?
Nothing I love better than jamming a Q-Tip into my hearing holes.

I May Be Wrong But I Don't Think She Is The Pilot

Miss Universe of Yugoslavia, with a MiG-21F, 1968.
Damn lying Communist bastards.
 Why can't she be both a pageant contestant and a fighter pilot?

Yeh, Even Homer Simpson Was Accused Of Being An Ass Grabber

Batgirl By Astelvert


26 Year Ago We Lost A Legend



Miss Mandy Motionless


What is it about girls and the roller skates with me?


Morning Captions