Monday, February 27, 2017

In Case You Didn't Already Know


Who Knew The Germans Has A Sense Of Humor?

The floats at Karneval parades across southern and western Germany are known for their biting satire. This year the main target of their derision was only ever going to be one man.

I Would Watch The Hell Out Of This Movie


The Black And White Collection





Donut Of The Day

There's nothing better than a donut, except a donut with a shot of alcohol inside. You can get these boozy, sweet treats at Denver's Habit Doughnut Dispensary with your choice rum, whiskey, or vodka. Popular combinations include the Plain Jane and Blazed (infused with Fireball), the French Toast (with whiskey), the Carbon (chocolate and espresso with Kahlua), and the establishment's signature donut, the Habit Jumbleberry (with vodka).

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