Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Am I The Last Person To Know About The PORTALS?


Okay, I Peeked


Oh You Bulgarian Scamps

Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported.

The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has issued a note demanding that its former Soviet-era ally clean up the monument in Sofia’s Lozenets district, identify and punish those responsible, and take “exhaustive measures” to prevent similar attacks in the future, the news agency reported Monday.
The monument was sprayed with red paint on the eve of the Bulgarian Socialist Party’s celebration of its 123rd anniversary, the Sofia-based Novinite news agency reported.

The vandalism was the latest in a series of similar recent incidents in Bulgaria — each drawing angry criticism from Moscow…


The Sun Always Shines On TV

All Kinds Of Cool


Someone Remind Me To Write A Larger Article On The Early Valiant Universe

I was big into their comics in the 90s and have most of them. Dr. Mirage, Rai, Harbinger, XO Manowar, Eternal Warrior, Turok - Dinosaur Hunter, Shadowman, Bloodshot. All great stuff.



The Art Of The DC Bombshells

Ant Lucia can also re-imagine the male figures too.
I really dig this Sinestro.


And Thank YOU, Malawi For Your Most Recent Contribution To Human Civilization

Mobs in Malawi have killed two more people accused of being vampires.

On Thursday police in the south east African country confirmed a wave of attacks against people feared to be vampires had spread to Blantyre, its second largest city.

Six people have already died in the lynch mob attacks, which began last month.

Belief in witchcraft in Malawi is common and the president of the country, Peter Mutharika, has visited parts where the vampire scare is rife.

According to national police spokesman Ramsy Mushani, a gang “torched a 22-year-old epileptic man in Chileka, and another man was stoned to death… after being suspected of being a blood sucker.”

The first incident was witnessed by a reporter for Reuters at a police checkpoint on a road heading to the city’s airport.

A family member of the victim confirmed the man was epileptic and had been killed while walking home.

Several regions in Malawi have been blacklisted as dangerous by the UN and U.S. embassy.

FINALLY. I have wanted something done about the Malawi vampires for years. WTF? These people must have some understanding of the outside world. I mean they know what a TV is, right? Did everyone watch Dracula on the one channel you get in Malawi and lose their damn minds? Vampires? Someone is being very creative with a group of very stupid people. How do they explain why there aren't MORE vampires since people who get bit usually become vampires themselves. Don't have an answer for that one, do you? Why would a vampire live among people who are afraid of vampires? What, Paris was too fancy for you, Dracula? I am not buying it for a second. I am surprised they just didn't say zombies and be done with it. I mean there is a show on the TV about that which could have been turned into a documentary with the right editing. Vampire scare seems so low rent. Don't you think?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

This Is How They Getcha!

They will do this to you and everyone you love. Then what are you going to do on the toilet? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ON THE TOILET??

Countdown To Halloween - The Comic Covers Of The Season

One of the great things about being a kid in the 70s were these fantastic horror comics from DC primarily. Each story was done by a different artists and there was often as many as four separate stories in each issues, except for the dollar treasuries which were chock full of tales of horror that freaked out a pre-teen Calvin. The covers often skirted the line between what was appropriate to be publish and what was not and that was often the most fun thing about them.



I Teach Because I Love


More Glorious Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion