Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Which Sesame Street Character Am I?

I can't argue with this.

I Have A Dream

Everytime I see a poor sheep like this who is in desperate need of a shearing I always feel bad because it must be so uncomfortable and ichy and smelly to let the wool get all crazy like that.

I don't even have it in me to caption this poor critter. I just want to go on a pilgrimage to find him and set the Universe right with my sheares.

Thanks Again Facebook Robot


I Love This Guy


Monday, February 19, 2018

Now I Have A Midnight Craving For Blue Gummy Fish


Monday Image Blizzard


The Infinity Gems

Is this Adam Warlock?

When 900 KFC Outlets In Great Britain Run Out Of Chicken The End Times Have Begun

This has never happened in my lifetime. I have to consult my Nostrodamas to check if he mentioned 11 herbs and spices in any of his predictions. The Colonel must be spinning in his grave.


Only In Our World Would Such A Document Be Necessary


Another Panther Post